Protecting and restoring forest carbon in tropical Africa: A guide for donors and funders
This report on forests in tropical Africa is the first to be published by the Forests Philanthropy Action Network (FPAN). The culmination of nearly two years of desk and field research, it provides an introduction and some initial guidance on important questions such as: which interventions to protect and restore Africa's tropical forest carbon are likely to be successful? Under what circumstances? And how can donors and funders engage most effectively.

Protecting and restoring forest carbon in tropical Africa is vital reading for philanthropic donors, public funding bodies and forest carbon companies interested in supporting efforts to halt the loss of tropical forests in Africa.
The report was made possible by the generous support of the Pure Climate Foundation, the David & Lucile Packard Foundation, the Leventis family, the Linden Trust for Conservation, and the Wetland Trust.

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Annex 1: The ProForest Report
FPAN commissioned ProForest, forest research organisation based in Oxford, UK, to conduct a review of the primary data on forest carbon in tropical Africa found in peer-review journals. The outcome of this research, Terrestrial carbon: emissions, sequestration and storage in tropical Africa, is also available for download from this website.

About FPAN
FPAN is a charity founded by Nicholas Josefowitz and Bernard Mercer in 2008. It exists to encourage donors and funders to take an interest in protecting and enhancing forests; to foster informed debate on forest issues; and to produce research-based guidance for trusts, foundations and individual donors who want to support effective action on forests.
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